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Discover the power of Eco tire Solutions, your partner in sustainable innovation.

We strive for partnerships that not only strengthen your business, but also contribute to global sustainability.
Choose Eco Tire Solutions for a future-oriented and sustainable approach!

Our expertise

With expertise in industrial design, 3D printing, circular economy and sustainable design, we offer tailor-made solutions for your company. Our dedicated professionals combine technological skills with a deep understanding of sustainability principles.

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Industrial design

Designing new products is our core focus. As product designers, we take a user-centered approach with an inherent emphasis on sustainability.

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3D printing

We consistently master the right production technology from small-scale to large-scale projects. We excel in all production techniques, with 3D printing as our specialty.

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Circular economy

We are familiar with the latest sustainable trends and thinking, develop environmentally friendly products and explore various market strategies with a sustainable approach.

Eco Tire Solutions

Klapstraat 39

3071 Kortenberg

BE 0805.613.605

+32 497 55 89 28

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