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About Eco Tire Solutions

Where it all started

In a world driven by mass production and consumption, it is crucial to approach our materials more consciously. Too many products are designed for a single-use and end up in landfills, resulting in a growing problem of excessive waste production. The tire industry constitutes a significant source of pollution, with the generated waste having limited applications. This prompted the quest to find a solution to enhance the sustainability of tires. The journey began to develop a wheel with the most sustainable characteristics, presenting a value proposition to the user that could significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Our mission

"In my own journey of developing a sustainable tire, I encountered the hidden challenges that wheelchair users face on a daily basis – issues that often remain invisible to many. The barriers arising from a lack of accessibility pose an immense challenge for wheelchair users. It's not just about inaccessible public buildings or limited access to public transportation; it also extends to the deplorable condition of roads that hinders their freedom. Riding over cobblestones is far from comfortable and causes significant physical discomfort. Curb ramps, often overlooked, present enormous obstacles for wheelchair users, leading to further physical discomfort. Despite the considerable cost of some wheelchairs, they still may not provide the comfort that these users deserve.

Another challenging issue faced by wheelchair users is flat tires. Some pneumatic tires require weekly or monthly inflation to maintain the quality of the riding experience. However, inflating tires is not always independently achievable for wheelchair users, making them reliant on friends, neighbours, or sometimes maintenance services. For adventurous wheelchair users who enjoy exploring nature or those actively participating in events, this becomes a constant concern as the possibility of a flat tire is ever-present. Consequently, they must be extra cautious, constantly watching out for glass or other sharp objects that could damage their tires. The prospect of a flat tire can completely ruin the experience of the moment, whether it involves discovering nature or enjoying a festive occasion.

So, can't there be a tire that never goes flat and provides excellent cushioning for the user? That was the starting point of my journey towards developing a wheelchair wheel that not only offers superior comfort but is also user-friendly and durable. A wheel that supports wheelchair users, enabling them to enhance their comfort and mobility without worrying about physical discomfort or barriers."

Wannes Van Laerhoven, Founder of ETS

Internationally awarded
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Meet the team

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