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The Eco Tire

Revolutions in comfort

The Eco Tire, the best of both worlds

Pneumatic tires and caster wheels

Discover the evolution in wheelchair wheels with our innovative Eco Tire. We combine the comfort of pneumatic tires with the carefree convenience of caster wheels. A tire with excellent cushioning that never goes flat. The best of both worlds comes together in our Eco Tire, allowing you to enjoy increased mobility with improved performance and comfort. Choose progress, choose the Eco Tire!

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"Cobblestones were a living hell, I felt every bump in my back. Now, thanks to the Eco Tire, I don't anymore!"

"I was tired of having to plan my adventurous rides through nature in advance. With my Eco Tires I can finally go out without any worries."

"I always had to wait so long for help when my tires were flat. Now that I have my Eco Tires, that is a thing of the past!"


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chalky cobblestones bandpng.png
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chalky forest bandpng.png
Rough terrain
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A softer road,
a greener choice

What makes the Eco Tire unique?

band groef sculpted met steen.13.png
Lattice structures


The tire contains internal structures with excellent damping properties. This filters out bumps in the surface, resulting in a more pleasant ride.

The lattice structures in the Eco Tire provide support and stability, but cushion your ride for ultimate comfort. The tire never needs to be inflated and is also super easy to replace.

Endlessly customizable


Thanks to the choice of 3D printing, the dimensions and specifications are endlessly customizable. This gives us the ability to make wheels for multiple applications. The size and cushioning are easily adjusted to suit everyone's preference and any type of wheelchair.

Design for repairability 


The Eco Tire uses standard parts. The rim consists of two parts, so you can easily replace a worn tire with just one screwdriver. The smart design allows quick replacement of each part and prevents the need to replace the entire wheel. This not only saves costs, but also reduces your ecological footprint.

Rolling towards a sustainable future 

Our company is committed to a circular economy, where sustainability and ecological responsibility are central. 

Our wheels are designed to be easy to dismantle so that individual parts can be replaced without having to throw away the entire product, eliminating a large amount of unnecessary waste. To further extend the life of our tires, we offer installation and repair services. 

At the end of their life cycle, we operate a product recovery system, collecting used items to recycle the materials and create new, environmentally friendly tires. This comprehensive approach emphasizes our commitment to both product quality and environmental awareness.

Eco Tire Solutions
More than tires...

We offer you and/or your company our in-house knowledge about sustainable innovation, circular business model thinking, 3D printing and much more.

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Belfast Street 28

8500 Kortrijk

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